We don't spend all of our time running Powerbomb. here's some info about all of us and where you might be able to see us


Andrew Hastings

Andrew Hastings is Powerbomb's resident emo and big dog. His mixture of self deprecation and blatant honesty has made him a crowd favourite around Sydney. 


Jamie Kirk

Jamie Kirk makes people call him the Godfather of Open Mic Comedy because he runs a couple of rooms around Sydney, including popular Monday night room Cactus Juice. Nothing makes him happier than when people recognise him as the Cactus Juice guy. Jamie has been making a mark for himself as a killer act and MC around Sydney rooms.



Rosie Piper

Rosie has been smashing comedy for some time now, and is gearing up for the premiere of her solo show covering her transition.

Her laidback delivery and killer jokes will have you in fits of laughter, saying, “Is that quite a strong jawline for a woman?” It certainly is...

Recommended if you liked: the (f)artist formerly known as Reece Piper. 



Tom Sanderson

Tom Sanderson was once the steward of Sydney's longest running open mic 'Molotov Comedy'. Now he's one of Sydney's favourite acts and debuted his first hour at Sydney Comedy Festival.



Ben Squires

Ben Squires is the one that does all the work for Powerbomb. If you've ever seen a meme and bought tickets, that was Ben. He's also a regular crusher at comedy rooms all around Sydney. 





Alex White

Alex White has been everywhere the last year. He recently spent a few months smashing the Brisbane Comedy Scene and is now in Toronto doing the same thing. But as a founding member of Powerbomb Comedy, he never gets to leave our hearts.